July-December 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 30


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 12 December 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18551212-TC-JN-01; CL 30: 138-139


Chelsea, 12 decr, 1855—

Dear Neuberg,

These Extracts from the Newspapers are unexpectedly good. If it were not too much trouble, I could wish you to run over the series of them till after the Peace of Dresden (Xmas 1745) or even to Aix-la-Chapelle (1748),1 at which point our 2d volume must end,—don't we wish it were ended! Doubtless you will find some Théatre of Actions (like Chandler's Debates2 for Talk) compiled for the year, instead of for the Day or Week; whh may be otherwise useful.

There has a good stock of Ms. accumulated,—tho' I fear in a very confused state,—to keep your hand in use during my absence, when you happen to prefer domestic employment. But really I question if you can do much good to that,—beyond perhaps copying little bits of it (where much blotted and scrawled), and illuminating it by Indexes &c &c.— We really must begin, were the Spring here and a Horse &c, to make a dead-lift effort, and clear our hands, by actual printing, of this horrible first half of the Book! Courage.

I also want some farther passages from Bielefeld;3—these I think you had better do in the way of abstract (abridging rapidly in your own way, whh does very well): I mark the passages here, so far as I can recollect them at present:

1. Entrance of Fk (along with Bielefeld and others) into Frankfurt am Oder, returning from the First Silesian war: “shot along like a comet (very dusty, wheels at the top of their speed); row of people gazing on each side of the way, got hardly the briefest view of their conquering hero coming home from the wars.” Not a long passage;—either in full or in abstract, as you find good.— Real date is 11 july 1742; Bielefeld, as usual, will likely be awry in that particular.4

2. Departure of Princess Ulrique5 (already married by proxy) for Sweden: a very pathetic Piece done in the moral-sublime style.— Real date 26 july 1744 (marriage was 17 july,—and get day of the week, if you can; I am always afraid of my calculations on that point): abt 10 at night, Opera being over, Princess Ulrique, she silent or nearly so, we all do, dashes away.— — (By the bye, is there any acct to be had of Queen Ulrique afterwards? “History of the late revolutn in Sweden, 19 Augt 1772, by a Swedish Gentn (London, 1780, or 79)”: is that Book in the Library, and is it good for anything at all?)6

3. Bielefeld at Neisse (Have I got that?)7— You have already note of that; and I remember no more at prest,—except indeed the Aspects of London in 1740; which are really entertaining to read,—but must be much abridged if they come in in any form.

I add likewise a question or two for Preuss, who is so instructive when consulted;8—but put them on a separate bit of paper. Keep it, at any rate.

We go on monday; but expect you the night before.

Yours always truly /

T. Carlyle