January-September 1856

The Collected Letters, Volume 31


TC TO BOOKBINDER ; 28 July 1856; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18560728-TC-BBI-01; CL 31: 138


Gill, Cummertrees, Annan N. B. 28 july / 1856—

Dear Sir,

It is very mortifying to hear of new mistakes in the Voltaire; a couple of new breaking out, so soon as the old two are made good!

However, we must not pause longer upon the business: you must just bind up Vol. 9 and Vol. 41 as if they were complete,—only marking with pencil on the titlepage of each what imperfection there is. Voll. 64 and 70, I conclude, you already have in the perfect shape,—along with the Fredk volumes.

I will send to Paris in quest of new re[c]tifications1 for the two volumes, that are still wrong; but as that is a work of time, and also rather uncertain, we will not wait upon it;—it is only spending a couple of shillings more upon the Perfect 9 and 41, if we do ever get them, and giving away the others, bound instead of unbound. I hope to find the whole thing standing in order, ready for the shelves, if not in them, against my return from these coasts, which is to be before very many days.

Yours sincerely /

T. Carlyle