January-September 1856

The Collected Letters, Volume 31


TC TO ISABELLA CARLYLE ; 3 September 1856; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18560903-TC-IC-01; CL 31: 213-214


The Gill, 3 Septr 1856

Dear Isabella,

I am for Dumfries today, if it continue dry; to leave the Gig, and finish my affairs there. I am for being off (so far as can now be computed) on Friday; to start for Glasgow, by this Rail, and go by the Steamers and Lakes after all. My poor Jane has caught a cold, which quite knocks out Linlathen at present: I do not think I can evenher well at Auchtertool, the House being so crowded. So I incline for the Sea way.

If the day is fair tomorrow (Thursday), and I am not too busy, I design to ride over and see you again: I must come back to my bed that night, so never mind till youme. If it is going to hurry or flurry me, of course I need not come at all just now. Jamie will have to send for the horse if he want it before Sunday on Sunday (or Saturday night) Austin has somebody he can send up with it. Saddle and Bridle (which I would not now lose for something) I commit to your keeping.

Jane evidently means for Annandale,—I should say, within a fortnight or so. She knows well you expect her. Her address, if at any time you wanted to write anything, is

Revd Walter Welsh

Auchtertool, Fife.


Jamie is to be good to that red mare for my sake. An excellent, wise, good-tempered beast. I decidedly reckon her unsafe to ride, however (tell him this too[)], till her corns mend. That is positive, and ought to be attended to. Perhaps the best way of treating her corns wd be the way I have treated mine: to tear off her shoes altogether, and let her run for six months?

The Doctor, as you perceive, may be considered at Brompton since Monday Evg. I have written a second time; tho' I think he wd get the Paris letter after all. Yours ever truly

T. Carlyle