January-September 1856

The Collected Letters, Volume 31


JWC TO JAMES CARLYLE ; 25 September 1856; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18560925-JWC-JC-01; CL 31: 237-238


Thornhill / Thursday [25 September 1856]

My dear Jamie

At last I have, this morning, a letter from Mr C to tell me he had got the money all right—adding (after all the botheration I have had about it) “it will do no harm at least”!! He is to come with the Ashburtons to Edinr on Wednesday morning, and in compliance with my notions about paying one's own way is to quit them there and to join me at Scotsbrig—

But I have written today to beg him to do no such thing. as it is not to please himself he would reject their offer to take him all the way in that commodious carriage—but merely because he thinks it his duty to come and pick me up; since I dont choose to go to Edinr to be picked up by the Almighty Carriage!—If he is to travel one half the way under their protection he may as well travel the other half—and besides he makes me clearly understand that it is to meet my wishes he imposes on himself an “additional 90 miles.” He will be no earthly help to me on the journey so for all sakes I trust he will revise his purpose—

I shall be back to you like the bad sixpence if you will come and take me from the Gill!—On Monday night Mr Carlyle is displeased that I did not come by way of the Gill—and reminds me that I have to see Jane at Dumfries—“It would have been every way easier” he says “to get myself brought to Cummertrees station (in the rain!—of course he knows best) and would have been my duty besides &c &c—So I mean to go from here by the earliest train—ten o'clock on Monday morning—get out at Dumfries and wait there for the next train which leaves Dumfries I think at five—so about eight I should be ready for you at the Gill—unless you prefered I should stay there all night and be fetched on Tuesday morning—in that case send me a line on Saturday—that I maynt be expecting you.

I have had a deal of travelling since I came paying visits all over the countryside and yesterday I went to Crawfurd Churchyard1 Dr Russells one horse taking me all the 40 miles on one day! Mrs Russell went with me She is so good and kind

I threatened Mr Carlyle that I would start for London on Tuesday to make his coming for me needless but I would rather go on Wednesday It is to be hoped he will have time to let me know his determination

Kind love to Isabella You havnt starved my Canaries! not likely

Yours affectionately

Jane W Carlyle