October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO HENRY LARKIN ; 10 April 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570410-TC-HL-01; CL 32: 124-125


Chelsea, 10 April, 1857.

MY DEAR SIR,—After you were gone I began to remember that the Goethe (Wanderjahre) Introduction was not among the others in Appendix to Vol. I.1 Please put it there; they will thus all be in a lot,—and it will help the size of your volume, too. If you stick the above piece of MS.2 at the beginning of said Appendix (completing the footnote); and then will add, by way of footnote, at the end of each name, e.g.—From Musäus were translated Dumb Love (or whatever they are); from Tieck, &c.,3—we shall have that matter fairly winded up.

I find the other day there was a rather queer little Paper of mine, turning on the ‘Opera,’ printed in some Annual or other,—I cannot say in what London Annual,4 except that presumably it had once been Lady Blessington's, and that certainly this No. of it was published by Lady Blessington's Niece,5 next year or second-next after Lady B.'s death.6 Perhaps 1852 or 3? The Piece indisputably exists; I saw a piece of it yesterday, no farther gone. If you could fall in with any reservoir of extinct Annuals, or otherwise hunt up this Piece at any time, it would be ready against vol. 4 of Miscellanies.7 But do not mind much at all. I think I can inquire it out myself, by due expenditure of force, if hard come to hard. Or perhaps it may fall in of its own accord, from some quarter while we are going on.

This is enough for the present. We hope to see you again some evening before long.— Yours always truly,