October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 29 April 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570429-TC-JN-01; CL 32: 136


Chelsea, Wednesday (29 April, 1857)

Dear Neuberg,— I find I am stopt short by that Nosti Correspondence.1 I will skip, till you find it out for me. Meanwhile it is better I send you the whole batch of Queries, and have done with them. On that inclosed Patch, you get a not too lucid Copy of them! The sooner the better.

I am now in hopes of being at Press taliter qualiter [for what it's worth] very soon. We must then get on, at some steady rate, till these two voll. are done.— — By the bye, having now decided to make a long pause before ever trying voll iv and v, I sometimes wish I had accepted Deckers2 offer of an Oeuvres de Frédc. These London Library3 people write to me, once in the half year or so, in a certain subdued but intelligible tone, “You have 80 voll” &c &c!4 I long greatly to be able to take the whole 80 detestable volumes, and fling them on their floor to all eternity. But that cannot happen, after all, it wd seem, for some time.— — On the whole it is little matter. Truth is, I had much rather not have Fredc's works by me, were I once done with all this! We will wait till the Works (with Index &c) are completed.5 Then, it will not be impossible to buy a Copy, and burn it when one has done with it.

A wretched snuffy Clerk, reproaching me because I have got those Books, seems to me (tho’ I know the wretch is in his duty) one of the unkindest cuts of all!6

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle