August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO LADY SANDWICH ; 27 September 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570927-TC-LS-01; CL 33: 91


Chelsea, 27 Septr, 1857—

Dear Lady Sandwich,

I am happy, in obedience to your orders, to report that things go a little better here. I am out of my cold, or as good as out,—and into my old tribulations of the Treadmill, which there is no respite from for a long while, and no use talking about. The Wife too is decidedly better, tho' not yet by any means well. She has been downstairs these two days; and speaks even about venturing into the out-of-doors sunshine today,—if the sunshine itself wd but appear! Which it seems rather reluctant to do. In short, we must hope this is but a temporary accident to poor Missus; and that we shall rally, and begin the winter under better omens that are yet quite evident. If your Ladyship, at any leisure moment there may be, could think of writing her a little bulletin about yourself and your whereabout, it wd not fail to have a good effect.

I send you the Narrative of Brigadier Mackenzie's Affair at Bolarum;1—the prelude to all these horrible scenes that have come upon us. Mackenzie, who had still half a year of his furlough left, is off to India again, his wounds being healed;—eager to be at his post in such a crisis. The Official treatment he has got in that Bolarum affair especially, is not of a very beautiful kind! In fact there never was such a management (in the matter of their Army at least) exhibited by mankind before, as ours in India and elsewhere has now for a good while been!— I observe there is no class of persons so confident about the results now coming out of India, as those that have no knowledge whatever about India, and very little abt anything else. Mackenzie, and all experienced Indians I have seen, are extremely grave upon the matter; and only the Newspaper Editors2 see a glorious issue near and certain.— — Good be with you, dear Lady. I hope you will come soon back to us.

Yours very sincerely / T. Carlyle