August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO VERNON LUSHINGTON ; 5 October 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18571005-TC-VL-01; CL 33: 95-96


Chelsea, 5 octr, 1857—

My dear Sir,

Many thanks again. I have got duly, by the two Instalments, the Lectures and Sartor (the latter this morning); with their Summaries and Indexes, and Corrected Text,—all Complete, and in the perfect order I am used to from you.1 The two Corrections to each vol. I have thankfully adopted;—Sartor, in the railway, had swallowed his “markers”; but by dextrous shaking I have just made him render them again: in both passages the Commentator indisputably right,—as in all other points when I have yet got up on him. The Summaries & Indexes seem excellent, so far as I examine; and I do not mean to give you any more bother about them. I beg you to believe me very grateful for what you have now and formerly done;—and authorize you to understand that it was essentially useful to me, and in a high degree at the present juncture; so that you may (according to your liberal estimate of the unknown-quantity “me,” more or less) reckon it, on all sides, a good work. And that is the best wages, in thanks or otherwise, a man can get.2

I have been here all this while,—no Scotland or other rustication for me, much as I wanted it;—seldom in my life did I find myself in such a penal treadmill; whh has to go on turning for a great many months yet, unless I myself break down too soon.— My Wife came home, some four weeks ago, visibly improved by her Scotch expedition and sojourn with old friends: I am in hopes of a better winter for her than the last was, whh, indeed was a very bad one.

We have much to do with Indian news, in our solitude,—if I did not endeavour to drive India out of my head as much as possible; as alas what can I do with it, or say to it! No nation, I think, ever managed an “Army” as England has done its for the last hundred years, and still does. If I were England, instead of “punishing the sepoys” with such exquisite industry (whom I have not yet got hold of), I wd set about punishing myself for such a course of stupidity and infidelity in my administrations Indian and other, as cd or can lead to nothing but destruction & damnation in some form!3— Come & see us. Yours ever truly

T. Carlyle