August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


JWC TO LADY KINLOCH ; 27 January 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580127-JWC-LK-01; CL 33: 171-173


5 Cheyne Row Chelsea / Wednesday [27 January 1858]

Oh my dear, dear Lady Kinloch! How happy you have made me! Of all the Surprises that could have been contrived, I do call this the most charming! Views of my Home, coming from you! you, forever identified in my mind with dear old Long Ago, and so long vanished out of my actual Life!

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Jane Welsh Carlyle to Lady Kinloch, [27 January 1858]

Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland


I have been crying, these ten minutes like a little Girl; the heart of me made all soft and young, for the moment, at sight of those views accompanied with that name! “Kinloch”!—God bless me! How many echoes it awakes in my heart! What beautiful scenes it recalls!— But better to have rushed off at once to you, and kissed your hands for my present, rather than to be writing thanks for which I cannot find good enough words. Decidedly—if I could rush or even walk! but for more than a fortnight I have been tied hand and foot, as it were, by Influenza,—obliged to pass my time betwixt my Bed and my Sofa. And the worst is, I don't feel like getting about all thro the winter—

Will you kindly let me know when you return to Town—and will you put Lady Thomas Hay1 in mind of her little old admirer Jeanie Welsh, and will you believe me ever affectionately and gratefully yours

Jane W Carlyle