August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO HENRY LARKIN ; 13 February 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580213-TC-HL-01; CL 33: 181-182


Chelsea, 13 feby, 1857 [1858]—

My dear Sir,

After a great deal of shuddering, I have taken your fine map in hand (Journey to Reich),1 and given you what hints I could: it is to be feared they will not much carry you on their back; but I trust to your own faculty for a good issue nevertheless. Nay already there are few such maps for perspicacity, good sense, and amount of information, under such circumstances. I enclose the 3 slips of memoranda, that you may read them over (if possible), and ask me abt dark points when we meet.

Monday Evg next (if you are free) will do: I will then give you the Map; and do not wish my old eyes to be bothered with it farther,—if you can help. The Rhine woodcut2 is coming on now:—you can bid Robson guess “how soon he will be near the end of Book IX”;3 that is, the limit of time.

On Monday Evg, if you cd bring me from Robson, the last leaf of Book VIII (whh he has just now begun upon), I wd look at an essential point in it; and give it you back. Item to bring me the whole of Book IX (with Robson's guess as to the quantity of it; 150 pages, he once said)4 for a few days:—after whh, in good time, I will ask you to take it back.

The Sartor is come; and looks very roadworthy: I am only sorry at the endless trouble you have had with it! But that is what you are not apt to grudge in such cases. Only I will say, Don't go too deep; despatch yr next two Volumes, taliter qualiter [such as they are]. We shall want you infinitely more to do an Index of the Friedh 2 Voll. Index, no Summary will be needed yet: Index of your doing!

If you write nothing, I will expect you on Monday Evg; if another evg will suit you better, write.

Yours always truly / T. Carlyle 5