August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 18 March 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580318-TC-JN-01; CL 33: 188-190


Chelsea, 18 March, 1858—

Dear Neuberg,

If you could, tomorrow or next day, look into the Museum for me, and try what is to be found of a “Lord Baltimore,”1—who came to Frh 20–25 Septr 17392 at Reinsberg, leading Algarotti3 by the hand, and seems to have impressed Frh a good deal—?— There is an Epître [letter] to him on Liberty (Oeuvres XIV 71)4 shortly after; but no particulars there, or afterwards, except the small fact stated above. If I introduce that (as I must), there shd be some slight inquiry after any history the “Goddam5 may have.

The family name is Calvert (Dictionnaries will as soon have this as Baltimore); Yorkshire people; the first (Baltimore) of them led out the Colony whh still bears their name:6 how this Baltre is related genealogically to that one,—6th straight downwards or how?7 They were Irish Peers (Baltimore Town,8 south of Ireland), and are now extinct: so that I can find next to nothing of him or them in the Books I have here. There is an Irish Peerage-Book; but we have it not in the London Library:—I guess it is worth little, and may be difficult to find in the Museum: but Mr Watts,9 if you applied to him with my respects, wd assist you in that or other courses. A reasonable Peerage-Book wd at once tell all I want.

This Ld Baltimore of F.'s, I discover here by searching and sifting, died in 1751; must have married abt 1730:10—his Son, the next Ld Baltimore, wrote some Dilettante volume or two;—and had a nasty “Trial” (Improper Female accusing him) to undergo abt 1770–80; after whh he kept in Naples mainly.11— I do not know the name of my one, even.

He stood godfather (‘representing’ Foreign Sovereigns &c) to some of Prince Fred's children; whence I infer he may have been in Fred's Household,12 and an Opposition Pitt13 character, after that at Reinsberg.— Some way or other you will get me what little I want of him.

Or perhaps even I shall find it at the London Library today,—for I am going to try Walpole's Catalogue of Noble and Royal Authors, whh has at least an article abt the Son Baltimore.14—Let us see you on Sunday evg to report progress at any rate. And on the whole, if you are too busy, never mind this insignift problem;—but come, and report no-progress.

I am at my wit's end to stick together these Reinsberg cinders, or get them into any kind of human fusion,—disgusting and contemptible as they are to me if never so fused!—

Yours always truly / T. Carlyle