August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


JWC TO BETTY BRAID ; 8 May 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580508-JWC-BB-01; CL 33: 218-219


Addiscombe—Croydon / Saturday [8 May 1858]

Dearest Betty

I have so many things to tell you, and leisure just now for telling them, if I only were sure of your address! Your Husband saIt was your husband,1 was it not? who wrote the paragraph, in your last letter, which was not in your handwriting? It could not surely be George?2) said, that “after May” it would be the new address,3 but I can't tell whether this meant after the beginning of May or after May was ended.

So I shall just write a short letter today—which may be lost between the two houses without harm done! And if you would, without troubling yourself to write a letter, just put on paper the precise date when the old address is to be discontinued, and send that to me; then you shall have a letter from me as long as my arm!

I have been here a week (on a visit at Lord Ashburtons, to try and pick up a little strength after my four months confinement. It is the first visit I have made at any of Lord A's Places since Lady Ashburton's death, and the first coming was very miserable—every thing exactly as she had left it; and yet such a difference! But I am getting accustomed to missing her; and her Mother,4 who is here, and Lord A himself do all they can to make one comfortable in the house.

I can't say I feel much stronger, but the change of air and daily carriage exercise make me sleep better than I had done for many months, and that must benifit me, surely, in the long run—besides being much pleasanter for the time than lying tossing about awake.

Mr Erskine wrote me strong regrets about your going so far away from his rubber5—who he thinks was certainly doing George good.

Mr Erskine has always seemed to me, for a clever man, surprisingly credulous about new cures!

I should think the fresh country air6 more likely to mend George than the rubbing! What I am most anxious about is, how your husband is going to employ his time out there, and how you are to keep the pot boiling!7 Do you know Dear? If you do I wish you would tell me?

Your own bairn / Jeanie Carlyle