July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


JWC TO CHARLOTTE SOUTHAM ; 17 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580817-JWC-CSO-01; CL 34: 137-138


Bay House—Tuesday [17 August 1858]

Dear Charlotte, (This pen will hardly mark, but it must do, there is no other.) I told you in my last letter that I should be home next Saturday; and I sent you a message yesterday, thro' Mr Larkin, to the same effect. As I like keeping my word, even in matters of no moment; I should not have altered my day for my own pleasure; but it would be both ungrateful and impolite if I did not alter it for Miss Baring; she wishing and pressing me to stay over Sunday—that we may all leave here the same day—viz on Monday (23d)

After all it will be better so! What could I do with the Sunday at home if I had it?—since improved tho I am in strength and courage I have not enough of either, yet, to go to church! And I am too good a Presbyterian (if you have the slightest conception what that is!) to pursue either business or amusement on Sundays! So you are not to expect me till Monday—in time for dinner—About three oclock you can have it ready—I shall probably arrive soon after two. That you mayn't be troubling your youthful brain with uncertainties as to what I would like; I will order the dinner now, a week before hand!! “Mrs Newnham's dish (the minced mutton browned before the fire) and a ground rice pudding.” And you must please to give me enough!! I should like, you see, to be let down soft; for all the time I have been here I have eaten TWO considerable dinners a-day!

I hear from Mrs Huxham this morning that “the bird” is not only “still living” but “picking up”—“washes and pecks himself”—for which the Heavens be duly praised! and Mrs Huxham's “bosom”!

I told Mr Larkin I should like that he came to tea on Saturday evening I must now put him off till Monday evening

You can take the inclosed down to the Bridge Pier in time for him tomorrow morning—as Mr Carlyle used to leave his notes with the man at that Pier1—love to Nero

Yours truly /

Jane Carlyle