July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JWC ; 17 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580817-TC-JWC-01; CL 34: 140-141


The Gill, 18 [17] Augt, 1858—

Dear Goodykin,—You got such a Letter yesterday as was seldom sent by post. I am still short of sleep; and have been in great confusion and tribulation by all those fiddling arrangts & rearrangts and German and Foxtonian Question abilities. But now it is happily over; and I perceive a real gleam of daylight thro' the thing; and will go resolutely forward to constrain my nervous-system, and execute the operation witht thought of drawing back.

There is a Letter from the Isle of Rügen this morning; which has worked this benefit. You see the Usedoms invite me in right hospitable style: I accept at once; and doubt not to find in my “three days or two” in their establishment a real possibility of equipping myself for the enterprise on hand. Truly I rather like the style of the people both Frau and Herr: from the latter, if I even did not like him, I can first get right instructions, introductions &c;—in short I have said heartily, “I will”; and so it now stands in a hopeful condition before my mind. Rügen, Stralsund &c are places of interest to me themselves;—and I even mean to bathe in the Baltic, on some safe sandy bottom thereabouts: I understand the bathing is very good!

By this means Foxton, too, will be put on his trial, before definite acceptance. At Hamburg it is likely I shall dismiss him towards Weimar & Tom Wilson; according as his behaviour on the voyage has been, shall my re-summoning of him be! I have also written hypothetically to Neuberg: John suggests that “Neuberg & he wd neutralise each other”; whh is an idea I myself have! John himself talks sometimes of coming to intersect us somewhere: fortified by two such buttresses as N. & F. I could welcome him in my choicest mood,1—as a soul that really loves me, tho' apt to fret me into strange humours by the ways he has. In short all is greatly improved on that side, Goody sees:—and it is probable I shall have better sleep tonight. Saturday evg sail from Leith; Monday Evg (late) at Hamburg; Tuesday 24th off for Rostock2 (expect a Letter there from Usedom), same day or next get to Carsitz3 Insel [Isle] Rügen; from whh I appoint farther, and Goody, if she is really good, may expect her first (or second) foreign Letter from me.

My packing & settling is all to do yet:—poor Jean is here again, most affectionate of sisters doing her best to help me:4 she returns this night, and then I am fairly in handgrips with my task. Wedny (tomorrow) for packing & strapping, all manner of things; some time on Thursday it is likely I will make my way to Scotsbrig (after Post-time n.b.); rest there over Friday; then off for Edinr on Saturday, morning train 9.40 whh arrives at Edinr about 1; and there Foxton is to be in waiting, and begin “scratching the plaster” according to faculty! This is all my news, Dear; I now only wish I had all yours, and that it was no worse than mine. Oh Goody, Oh my little woman; would I were back beside thee again! “No place” so good as there: that is the literal truth.— Tell me, so far as you can, what your days are, for Landhall & whatever is ahead, tell me, Oh if you but can, that you are better still, and fit for such adventures. God be good to us, Dear. Let us be wise, and hope! Thine ever— T. Carlyle