July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO HENRY LARKIN ; 18 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580818-TC-HL-01; CL 34: 145-146


The Gill, 18 Augt, 1858—

My dear Sir,—I am very glad to hear of you again; especially today just in the nick of time.

I agree altogether in your notion about Table of Contents; with such farther suggestions as you will see marked in pencil,—and one not very distinctly marked (whh I leave to your own consideration and decision) as to putting in the page-numbers for the Subaltern Sections1 where such occur? It might be a kind of improvt if it were not found to look too badly. Do it as you like.

If you have quite done with the Stieler Maps, I shd like very well to have instantly the 3 or the 4 pieces we talked of;—for I am just on the wing for Germany, to execute that little project you heard of, if the Fates still permit! I sail from Leith, Saturday Evg, for Hamburg; go from Hamburg to Stralsund (and Isle of Rügen); then am to be in and about the following places, Frankfurt on Oder (for Cüstrin, Zorndorf &c); Breslau (Silesia generally); Prag (Riesengebirge & upper part of Bohemia); Dresden; Halle (for Rosbach & Torgau, two famous fights):—all this, I think, will be in about 5 of those Stieler Pieces; if you have QUITE done with these (not otherwise), and can roll them all together, and despatch by tomorrow (Thursday's Evg Post) addressed “Scotsbrig, Ecclefechan N. B.,” they wd still find me at that Scotsbrig,—and might save me some trouble in Hamburg, and be worth scanning during the tedium of a long sail thither.— I can also answer any farther doubts you may have abt Table of Contents,—specially any part of the pencil marking whh may have proved unintelligible.— I am in very great haste today; having too long delayed beginning my final arrangts here. So dubious has the whole project been till quite lately.

As to the Map of Prussia whh I have never seen, if you are quite sure about it, I will make myself quite sure, and think of it no more. If on any point you have doubt, there is a Mr Chorley2 (76. Chester Square Pimlico) whom you might securely consult: he has read all the Proofs, has heard of you too; is a man painfully exact; and will give you any amount of “instruction,” of whh you will separate the essential from the unessential!— The mere mention of your name and business will at once introduce you: but I hope there is no doubt left in you, & that you will not have occasion to try. The Number of Provinces that belonged to Frh Wm, and the do to our Friedh; and the date you give to the Map: these seem the chief points; and on these Büschg3 has probably left no doubt in you. If so, I will (once more) consider all secure.

You oblige me much by your help to Mrs Carlyle, who expresses her admiration from time to time of your skill and felicity in managing for her. Indeed I am obliged to you in all ways, for real help, whh is a rare thing in the world just now,—and we need not say more on it at present.

I expect to be home, if all go well, in some 6 or 7 weeks, or little more;—and to find Friedh, I & II volumes, lying on Chapman's Counter by that time.

With many thanks and good wishes

Yours sincerely

T. Carlyle

“Scotsbrig Ecclefechan, N.B.” (from London Thursday Evg,—arrives Friday 10 a.m.)