July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 18 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580818-TC-JN-01; CL 34: 142


The Gill, Annan, 18 Augt / 1858

Dear Neuberg,

I wrote to you two days ago about a German Tour. The German Tour still holds: but there is this change, since yesterday morning, That I am to go by Rügen, first after Hamburg; and commence my special pilgrimage from Usedom's House, and fortified with his instructions,—in that nice Island, whh I wanted to see at any rate.

What the good Freiherr may counsel when there, I do not know,—perhaps that I begin by Frankfurt (Cüstrin &c),1 Breslau; and end by Halle?2— One thing only is certain, you must now write to me to Rügen in the first place (not to Halle or where I formerly directed); that Foxton will now hang looser on me;—and that you, if you can come, will be of essential help in getting me forward thro' the problem.

“Freyherr v. Usedom,
Carsitz, Insel Rügen

that is the Address;—and the times are as follows:

Embark at Leith, Saturday 21 Augt, 7 p.m.; hope to be in Hamburg Monday (late) 23d;—24th, 25th get, by Rostock &c, to Carsitz (Foxton perhaps running for Weimar & Tom Wilson in the interim); stay at Carsitz, “three days or two” (I have said),—whence, on reading your Letter there, and making out my program, I will write, and appoint an intersection, according to what best possibilities there are.

I regret to go so far round as Rügen, for I have really nothing else to do but “see these Battlefields”: however, it was only by Usedom's help (directions, introductions &c) that I could fairly see a possibility of in actual fact (and not in sad semblance only) doing the small problem; wherefore I was very glad of the offer made me.

Come if you can; I count on your coming! The crossing of the Riesengebirge ought to be a picturesque kind of thing? The rest is all scientific slaving, and no “ruhige Zimmer” [quiet rooms] to be had.— Perhaps Usedom will send me by Berlin & Dresden, after all, there to begin (somewhat according to the old scheme)? What is your convenience, your impartial notion? Let me hear at Carsitz. Yours ever truly

T. Carlyle