July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 27 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580827-TC-JN-01; CL 34: 161


Carziz, Insel Rügen bei Stralsund, 27 Augt, 1858—

Dear Neuberg,

I am much contented to receive your Letter this morning, the very first after my arrival here: it puts all things on a straight footing again, thank Heaven; and knits up what was lately a great and confused ravelment,1 as you shall hear one day. At Hamburg on Rosdal's news to me, I was not far from running off direct to Leipzig, was for telegraphing, for &c &c. The meditations of the night (unhappily quite sleepless) first shewed me clearly how the thing wd be; and that I must persist hitherward: whereby now again all is right. Nothing lost, nor wasted; nothing but a Note to ‘Leipzig Hôtel de Bavière,’ and then another wiser one to Heidingsfeld,—both of which you may safely leave to complete their travels into infinite space.

Foxton and I were got to Rostock yesterday 11 a.m. with rather dreadful prospects ahead (8 hours of suffocation in Diligence &c), when, in a truly miraculous manner, the Gnädige Frau [gracious lady] of this place picked us up; bore us along, angel-like; dropped Foxton in Stralsund (intending for Berlin viâ Stettin), and landed me safe here betn 9 & 10 p.m.,—into the celestial possibility of a little sleep, and in fact into the best quarters in the world, and the strangest when I consider it this morning.

Foxton will probably arrive about the same time with you at the same Hotel in Berlin,—“Hôtel d'Angleterre” he called it, “British Hôtel” you (our old quarters, I meant): if you find him there, give him what comfort you can, poor good soul, very well affected to me of a truth, but utterly witht help for me! For the rest, if he have any plans of his own, let him execute them; for he is good for nothing, except as an adjunct, in our strenuous Enterprise; and has nothing like the “strength” a certain Herr had to manifest once before in the like case!2 Other a good and friendly man. “Will stay abt a week in Berlin, and wait”:—by all means see him at least, and be a consolation to him.

The Herr von Usedom is at Berlin; returns hither tonight (not till then, if then): I must first hear him on all points, take all his help &c; I then move towards Berlin to meet you, and go to business stracks [immediately]. Write to me if you can handily spend a two or three days in Berlin: I shd like to repose myself here, & look about me a little first. Adieu & thanks

T. Carlyle