July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


JWC TO CHARLOTTE SOUTHAM ; 21 September 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580921-JWC-CSO-01; CL 34: 190-191


Thornhill—Dumfries / Tuesday [21 September 1858]

Dear Charlotte

I suppose you will have heard about Mr Carlyles coming, as soon as I did, from Dr Carlyle— He says in his letter to me, which I received last night, that he means to sail on Wednesday and twenty four hours more will bring him to Chelsea— So he may be expected on Thursday some time.

I dont remember any thing more to tell you; but shall commit you to Providence and your own good sense; which I know to be up to the emergence!1 if you make a point of keeping it (your sense) awake and alert. I mean to be home the beginning or middle of next week— If it were only to help Mr Carlyle to find all the things he will have lost by that time!

Speaking of losses I have found my ring! In packing my boxes to leave Lann Hall something fell out of the new silk dress which had not been once worn—and on looking at the bottom of the drawer to see what it was that had jingled; behold my poor little ring! come back to me as if from the other world! It had slipped off when I was packing my portmanteau at home—

I have had a severe and dangerous illness since I wrote to you the other day! If I had not been in the house of the only good Doctor2 I know I should not have got over it so soon—if at all!

It has quite snubbed my conceit about my wellness However, I hope to reach home as strong at least as I left it. and am taking good care of myself to that end. You had better have a fire in Mr C's bed room the first night. and put the fire in the dining room— yours truly

Jane Carlyle