July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


JWC TO MARY CARLYLE AUSTIN ; 22 September 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580922-JWC-MCA-01; CL 34: 194-195


Thornhill, Wednesday [22 September 1858]

My dear Mary

Had nothing “transpired” (as Grace McDonald's Brother1 would say) I should have been at the Gill tomorrow afternoon, and should have written some days ago to that effect; but My Dear! a terrible stamach2 in my bits of bowels transpired last Saturday; indeed if I had not been fortunately staying at Dr Russell's since the previous day, I don't know what on earth would have become of me! I could not have been better doctored or better nursed! and I am as well now as I was before; but more humble minded about my bodily improvement! and disposed to do as I am advised, viz: to beware of fatigue and exposure; and above all to keep quiet here some days longer. In these circumstances I have given up all idea of the flying visit I projected to Scotsbrig. But it will be no additional fatigue (quite the contrary) to stop a day with you, on the road home. So you may look for me being pitched out of the train at Cummertrees on Monday evening,—I think a train passes there at five or half after five— I will come by that or the one thereabouts (if I am wrong in the hour). I must leave here by the morning train and stop at Dumfries to see Jane.

I will stay with you over Tuesday, and start for home on Wednesday morning; and I have written to tell Jamie at Scotsbrig, in case he can come over and see me at the Gill, since I dare not go scouring the country in open gigs at this season, and with recently terrified bowels.

If I am inconvenient then—Write, if not I will appear, please God!

Yours Affectionately

Jane W. Carlyle.