July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JWC ; 25 September 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580925-TC-JWC-01; CL 34: 201-202


Chelsea, 25 Septr, 1858—

I got your Letters at last yesterday afternoon Poor little soul, all is right at last; and you have omitted nothing. A blessing indeed, that you were with Dr Russell on that occasion: Heavens, what wd have become of my poor little Goody in some lodgings she has been in! Perhaps you will actually now be better; that crisis may have proved a clearance:—only take care, take care! It seems you will not be advised by me, but hurry hither to your post: well, can I blame it? But ask Dr R.'s serious counsel, and follow it, as to what you are fairly able for. Whether you had not better break the long ride by express train, and stop at Liverpool? I tremble for that Express train! The days are bright, hot to inconvenience; but the nights are fairly frosty, pernicious to the like of you; and you do not get to Euston Square till, I think, 9 or 10. Consider it, Dear; I am not in the least want of anything; busy up aloft here at my old firm Table (thank somebody for that too); Charlotte manages like a right wise little handmaid:—and I have my quiet bed; worthy to be called “celestial”1 in comparison with late experiences, even when you lie awake. No hurry I tell you, no fuss or flurry; dinna gang to dad ty'sel' a' abreed, else what shall I do with thee?—— At the Gill, about 4½ p.m. if I remember, you will find welcome of the warmest, but otherwise little room to stir in; and must avoid bothering. Mary will do for you whatever she, poor good soul, can possibly contrive. Margt2 makes excellt coffee; the tea was generally baddish—wherefore take a ¼ lb of right sort by way of gift, & use that, with a kettle to yourself. Do not neglect that small expedient, now! Your bed is perfectly sound & clean, only see to the making of it (never level, in my case), they will with joy accept any suggestion. Hangings all round, if you like; I had them only betn me & the window for air's sake. Open your little bedroom; from the two together, at this season you will have air enough witht windows. And they will drive away all cocks &c: Well sleep you (were it possible), my poor little Child!—

Charlotte has fed me well; on mutton broth (of excellt) quality twice; and today on brown soup whh I have already tried (being in the blue-pill & castor way) with success! I have slept a good deal; intend now to begin sleeping in earnest. I find the cellar keys &c (not those of my own Chest of Drawers, but don't want these either): I am in want of nothing. Book comes out on Monday3 witht fail. It seems the Newspapers have been reviewing,4 Mudie5 ordering 400 copies &c &c, and a 2d editn is expected. Dr Russell, of course! Come home, Dearest. T. C. (4 p.m., after long scribbling).