July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JEAN CARLYLE AITKEN ; 13 October 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18581013-TC-JCA-01; CL 34: 216


Chelsea, 13 Octr, 1858—

Dear Sister,—I am disappointed not to have heard of your new Books1 (to Dumfries, Scotsbrig &c) having in the least arrived yet! Copies of the new Book were duly sent, to all the kindred yet left, as in old cases;—and I conclude they are all lying in Edinr (much at their ease, in the hands of one Menzies a Bookseller,2 who is Chapman's Co-agent there), quietly waiting “an opportunity”!— Yesterday, Jane went to the said Chapman; made him instantly poke up the Menzies; who will now proceed by railway:—and in short if the [MS cut away]3 in fact looks every way promising. I am heartily glad at this fine change in the poor lad's positn and outlooks:4 I see a fair chance for him of doing altogether handsomely henceforth,—good honest quiet lad as he is. We put him in a Brompton Omnibus last night; and he sailed away homeward as if quite native to it.

Jane is not fairly failing yet; but I much dread this cold damp weather: fierce northwind one time, then muddy s. west (as today) another.— — I am not “improving” much, myself; so tumbled about, incessantly in confusion; and even my Horse only half yet in a riding condition. I go upon him every second day,—nothing like so fast yet as wd altogether content me