January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 10 June 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590610-TC-JN-01; CL 35: 108-109


Chelsea, 10 june, 1859—

Dear Neuberg,

What with east winds, organ-grinders, what with bad nerves, stupidities, we are getting on very ill here;—talking about being off to the sea-side (to Scotland most likely) in a few days. Come on Sunday evg, you shall hear more.

In Raumer1 (p. 104) is a notable passage, ‘Austrian Hofrath [councillors] falling all back in their chairs like dead men’ when they first undeniably heard that France was going to war with them.2 Stupid Raumer does not date it3 (and has otherwise blotched it), nor does Coxe,4 nor does anybody: from Robinson5 it can be dated (doubtless, in State Pr Office), and I want the date much.

Also abt Maria Tha's Kronung [coronation] at Presburg; you seem to have got from Mailath that it was ‘20 May’;—it is in reality 25 june;6 and I cd wish to know (Robinson agn the probable source) when she returned to Wien out of that, and when out of Wien (in terror of French and Bavarians) back into that, and fabulous Moriamur pro rege nostro [Let us die for our King].7 (Not of much consequence this to me; only the wiping up of a slobber out of History;—not much trouble due to this. The Raumer point is the importt one).

You will get a Copy of Raumer in the London Library: p. 104 is the place; but I doubt you will not be able to settle the thing so early as tomorrow.

Adelung is a capital fellow; fair Index to him, too! Will be worth ten times his money to me.8 Frh der Andern (complete at last) is gone to the Binder.9 If I were only a little fresher of nerve (by sea-bathing, milk-diet &c), and you free from that Translation Enchantt,10—we might cut our way after all. ‘End of Septr,’ I have appointed, the Printing is to start;11 and the Printer Cerberus12 to chace us thro’ that “Rotten Sea,13 or boundless, featureless, putrid quagmire, whh is neither sea nor land, and where human nature cannot live!—

The ugliest of Emperors, and most mendacious, has got the Open part of Lombardy,14 it wd appear; but I suppose they will expect him at Pizzighitone,15 & watch how he comes on at eating granite. The “Galgen-Aas [gallows-carrion],” if there ever was one, still digesting victual!—

Dizzy versus Pammy16 is to be settled tonight they say; I care not a whit how it go.

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle