January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO HENRY LARKIN ; 17 June 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590617-TC-HL-01; CL 35: 115


[17 June 1859]

Mem. to Mr Larkin.

I find there is a wrong kind of Edinbh Steamers, sailing at the same hour,—kind to be avoided by us! They anchor at Leith (start from I know not what Dock here). The kind we are to get anchor at “Granton Pier” (whh is 2 miles beyond Leith), that is the only distinction I yet know;—I think they go from St. Katherine Dock (but am not sure). This must be well ascertained and attended to: I once mistook the kinds before, and suffered by it.—— Pray try if you can make out, Tomorrow (Saturday);—there is some Office where you see a Plan of the Ship, engage berths &c (I could long much to have a berth to myself, without fellow lodger; but that, I fear, will not be possible, even by paying for it): I long to have the thing settled in all points, and to be prepared for my fate.

Staudentz1 stands quite distinct here, in Orlich's2 Map of Sohr (whh you consulted upon Mollwitz);3—no hurry abt that just now. The hurry is, To get shovelled on board under tolerable terms! Call on monday, please, & report.

T. C. (Chelsea Friday 3 p. m.)