January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 30 June 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590630-TC-JAC-01; CL 35: 272-130


Humbie, 30 june, 1859—

My dear Brother,

Jane got across safe on Tuesday; met by me at Burntisland towards 4; all right,—tho’ none of the Letters had gone its appointed course any more than yours. We had barely got in here, when the rain, heartily for the second time, began its beneficent wetting. Jane has not been over the threshold at all since, tho’ the weather today and yesterday afternoon, is at its very finest. She is very feeble, indisposed to locomotion, ancles so weak she can walk little; and I have not yet been able to rake up the least vestige of “side-saddle,” not to speak of farther vehiculatory apparatus. I rode to Kirkcaldy yesterday in quest; found Peter Swan1 prosperous and glad to see me, but in the saddler's shops or otherwise not even a hope of what I was wanting. I came off in haste, thinking I might possibly find you here by the 4 o'clock Boat. Miss Mary Welsh came after dinner; no farther company; so I lay down to repose in my new “sitting room” here. The Bed is quite off, and it is really a handy place, and useful to me in its new capacity. Bathe every morning before breakfast; good milk &c: all goes tolerably well,—wd be near perfection if we had a side-saddle! Finding nothing in Kirkcaldy, I wrote to Jean (a second time) to try Dumfries for us. If in any Saddler's you notice a secondhand article at all like the money, do not fail to make note of it!—

If you do not come today, whh I can hardly hope, I think of crossing to you tomorrow. Time uncertain; most likely by the Aberdour Noon Boat: I shd see poor Jamie2 as he passes; and look after that saddle affair &c; then home by the evening conveyance that was latest.— Postboy3 has not yet come; I send this back by him, that it may be in readiness at “2 p. m.”: that and “6 a. m.” are their hours of departure here. Permission is come for the “Park” (Donybristol or whatever its name)4 “Tuesdays & Fridays,” only those 2 days in the week. I answered Erskine I had meant to come;5—“most probably after Augt 6,” but nothing yet settled. My other Letters are mostly if not wholly rubbish to leave silent. Yours affectionately T. Carlyle