January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 18 August 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590818-TC-JAC-01; CL 35: 172-173


Auchtertool, 18 Augt / 1859—

My dear Brother,

The shoes have arrived today (carriage 6d), and all is right there. Good tight shoes; whh I think will be very easy, were they broken in. They are a little tighter over the instep (just about the right thing there, tho’ on the edge of being too tight, tell our man):1 about the breadth of the soles I will say nothing farther, tho’ I think they cd stand with advantage a paring more, on the old terms, in that part. The leather ties are too thick,—very dirty to handle, too, for the present;—but silk or other strings are easily attainable.—On the whole, thank our man (as he well deserves) for his care & skill; and pay him his money, please,—with farther notice that I shall want two pairs more: one made like the present, only of stuff a little thinner (for riding with, what may be called almost summer boots); and another made in the old-fashioned shoe-form, namely with latchets (two holes in each latchet), and to come up quite over the instep (as far as the other kind do, or as far as he can manage),—this latter pair to be made of such stuff as those I have just now got. Tell him farther that I hope he can send these latter two pairs direct to London; if delivered in Cheyne Row abt the end of Septr they will do very well; and I will pay (you can add)2 so soon as they are on my feet. And bid him not mislay the last, that I may be fitted again when needful! This is all;—and this, in the way of bother, is about enough, I shd think.

Jane is still weak here; and I too, tho’ always rather improving, am scarcely at par. I ride in spite of the rain, whh in general is small and insignificant;—last night for example, from 5 1/2 p. m to 8. On Monday I intend for Linlathan, as I have announced to Erskine.

If you can come across tomorrow any time, and stay over Sunday, we can manage you a bed witht difficulty; and on Monday after breakfast Walter's gig wd take you down along with me to Kirkcaldy. Come, therefore! I will not bother “meeting” you: only say tomorrow, Yes, and probably at what hour. Dinner here is never till 4. Adieu

T. C.