January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 4 September 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590904-TC-JAC-01; CL 35: 191-192


Auchtertool, 4 Septr, 1859—

My dear Brother,

I find there is nothing needing to be done in that Carpetbag affair: my old Bag here “will do, if I can leave it; and if I cannot, I may take it with me, & some other resource will be found.” Basta [Enough].

I got home well enough last night; and took no harm in the bronchia departt, rather the reverse even: for after a large allowance of tea I found the feeling almost gone; and that, after a fair night's sleep, continues still to be the case. The only questionable point was, I found at Burntisland they had “shod my Horse all round” (small thanks to them for that!)1—whh seemed to mean that the animal was lamed, or wd be! “It was one of the fore shoes that was off, Sir!” said they in ansr to my interjections. Any way the fact was there, and not to be changed. Poor Fritz set off at a high canter thro’ the Streets; went cantering, whenever possible, nearly all the way home:—I am in a kind of hope we have missed the lameness this time? For the rest, I have written to Larkin to provide about his arriving, by Edinr Steamer, on “Friday 16th” with Charlotte, at St. Kathne Dock. Jane will follow almost at the same time; & I am to be “at least a week later in arriving.” Such is the arranget.— I hardly think of going by Spedding's, by Milnes's, by Ld Stanleys,2 or doing any kind of visit by the road: Annandale, Scotsbrig chiefly, is to have the rest of my time. Cannot be “too quiet,” in prest mood & circumstces!

I looked a little for you this morng, yet with little hope, as breakfast went on: however, I still hope we shall see you here before we go. “Thursday” is the day I have rudely marked for being ready (can easily be so); of course I shd like yr company;3 but it is not worth while to tie you from going sooner:—only if, any day, you feel to have nothing more to do in Edinr,—why not step into a Steamer and run over hither for a final 24 hours?— I meanwhile ought to be busy!— Your affecte

T. Carlyle