January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO HENRY LARKIN ; 5 September 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590905-TC-HL-01; CL 35: 192-193


Auchtertool House, Kirkcaldy 5 Septr 1859—

Dear Larkin,

I got your Note & the Parcel of Anemonen, both duly;1 for both of whh, and for your many other services, thanks in the interim. Your report about the Sky Window2 is eminently gratifying! That will be one vile confusion you have valiantly cut down out my path.

We are now coming homeward; at least Charlotte and the Horse are coming almost directly; in 10 days time!—and it is about the latter that I am now to apply to you for some help in the way of settling him. Charlotte & he are to embark in the Edinr Steamer (same Company as before, whether same Ship or not I cannot say) on Wednesday n.b. I mean always “Wedy come a week,” that is, Wedy 14th, I think! at 3 p.m. My guess is (but you had best inquire at the old Office) the Ship will come to London if all go right “in 45 hours” off or on; that will be in the middle part of the day of Friday next. Now what you specially have to do is this. The Horse is not to go to Salter's in Eaton Square3 where he used to be (too far off, that place was, tho’ otherwise excellt), but is intended to stay with a man called Sylvester4 in Church-street Chelsea, a promisingly faithful-looking man, who used to supply Mrs C. with “neat flies” last winter. I did once speak to this man about taking my Horse, and said it was likely we shd come to that; to whh he was heartily willing. But there was nothing positive settled. And the thing will now be, that you at once now go to him, and say that the Horse is coming as above; and that on Friday he (& you to advise &c) must contrive to get him home out of the Steamer, and take his best care of him till I arrive. Note farther, there are two Sylvesters in Church Street, Brothers, both in the Horse way;—but it is not with the one concerned in “Vans” &c5 that we have to do, but only with the smaller one concerned in Flies,—and this latter lives north of the King's Road (t'other south, in the same Church-street); go to the place “(Man in the Moon,” I think they call it) where the Omnibuses stop in the Kings Road);6 turn northward there, still farther up Church street; on yr left hand a door or two up is our Sylvester: I hope this will suffice even this!— Yours in much hurry T. Carlyle

I will write again before leaving this place: but only by return of post (if even so) can you hit me here. My Wife will continue till Saturday;—then precede me to Chelsea by abt a week