January-October 1859

The Collected Letters, Volume 35


TC TO JWC ; 30 September 1859; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18590930-TC-JWC-01; CL 35: 222


Friday, 30 Septr, 1859

Thanks dear Goody for the word of writing; whh surely was better than none; tho’ the news was not good, none wd have been abundantly alarming! It was handed in to me while in the act of dressing; thank you for it poor little hungry soul. Tomorrow Evg at the old-appointed hour, I shall be “so happy” to be set down beside my own poor Goody, on my own hearth again,—whether the “drugget” (oh you little fool, as if I depended on druggets) be completely fixed in its place or only half fixed!—

My reception here and all the attentions in regard to lodingroom1 tobacco liberty &c &c, have been perfect, nor did the least ill-luck to skin or luggage or the like befal me on the road;—only the Preston-Manchester Train chose to be “25 min. behind its time” in arriving at Manchester; by whh means I irretrievably missed the train for Alderley (preappointed train and best of the day), and had to hang about waiting for another, whh was one of the slowest I ever rode in withal. Of course the Stanley vehicle was gone, two hours before I could alight; I think it must have been towards 9 before I could get set down here. Whh was a great blow, taken all together! For I had not dined; and could not now dine, “two eggs” were my own contrivance, to whh Lady S.2 generously suggested a “basin of soup” as an addition (eaten witht the least feeling of wanting it or anything). In short, my program had fallen bankrupt; today is steady rain; and I considerably wish I had landed at Chelsea last night instead of here. Yet I have hitherto no cold, or other injury;—and tomorrow it will be over by a smooth train, in the cheerful part of the day.— Lady S. “never read in all her life” such an amusing &c Letter as you sent her from Haddington. 3 Good hospitable souls all are here;4 and the tolerance of Tobacco is extreme. / Adieu Dearest— T. C.

4, finally 5—Tomorrow Afternoon: that is the Comfortable outlook!