The Collected Letters, Volume 4


JBW TO THOMAS CARLYLE; 18 January 1826; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18260118-JBW-TC-01; CL 4:20.


[ca. 18 January 1826]

My dear Love

There was never a creature in such a hurry in this world, your parcel was not delivered till near ten oclock and my Mother is amazed that I am not in bed—for I have been very badly—so I have only time to give you the following directions— Call at Mr Murry's in London-Street (Mrs C's Father) and ask for Mr Crightons address—if he cannot give it to you, ask if there is any one in Edinr who can—if you succeed in getting it; fill up the enclosed letter1 (that is the back of it) and put it into the postoffice without more ado; if not, enclose it under cover to Mrs Crighton at Mr Fergu[s]'s Kirk[c]aldy—and write inside that Miss Welsh will thank her to forward it to Mr C without loss of time but I trust that this will be unnecessary[.] God bless you—

Jane Welsh