The Collected Letters, Volume 4


JBW TO THOMAS CARLYLE; 1 August 1826; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18260801-JBW-TC-01; CL 4:121-122.


[1 August 1826]

My Dearest

The twenty fi[f]th is long past and alas we are still in the agonies of removal. Oh the dreary tumult, the horrible, hopeless confusion of this day, and of many that are gone before! But it will all be got thro' in process of time I suppose; and then and then my husband I laugh at Fate. Meanwhile I write with all the collected strength that the flitting [moving] has left in me: just for fear you should take it into your head to get impatient, and so come to investigate the state of things in person. Now that would never answer— I would not have you in the way at present for any money: because neither should I have one minute's leisure to enjoy your society, nor have it in my power to make you in the least degree comfortable.— Sleep at Comely Bank! Lord help your simplicity! You do fall upon the most remarkable plans! My dear friend this house at Comely Bank is not yet ours—for the present it belongs to my Mother— She and I take possession of it ourselves this very week, and really we shall have no accommodation for visitors last of all for you whom all the world now knows I am about to marry—

Do pray stay where you are till I am safe in Nithsdale; and make one journey to Edinr answer for all— I am sure a few weeks of idleness would do you good rather than harm— And with respect to other matters—that is household matters your presence in Edinr is at present nowise needful—on the contrary would be a great interruption. We will be at Templand, I expect within three weeks from this date—In short Dear I do not wish you to set your foot within this house until it is all in applepie order to receive us; and I do not wish to see you at all until I can see you in more harmonious circumstances— Will you be guided by me for once? And I will be guided by you for ever after—

I must be content to send this scrawl as it is— I am distracted with noises and dreadfully hurried—and sick sick at heart. Write next week to No 2 Comely Bank—or perhaps it will be surer to send the letter to John. God bless you[.] pity me—and love me for ever—

for ever yours

Jane Welsh