The Collected Letters, Volume 4


TC TO DAVID AITKEN; 29 June 1827; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18270629-TC-DA-01; CL 4:235.


21. Comley Bank, 29th June [1827].

My Dear Sir,

I am very sorry that I missed you yesterday, and cannot now expect to meet with you till after our return from Dumfriesshire, some weeks hence.

I had a letter from Dr Julius,1 which I will show you; and a very brief Note from Goethe, intimating that he had sent (or rather on the 17th of May was about “nächstens” [speedily] to send) a parcel hither, “gleichfalls über [also by way of] Hamburg.” Now I know by experience how very negligent these Lieth and Hamburg people are; nay I am not without an opinion that the packet has already arrived, tho' on inquiring the other day at their Office I could get no information, the parcels being still all in the ship. Yet would it not be a proper vexation if a message of friendly tendency from “The Poet” were to be lost in such a despicable spot as the Lieth Customhouse? Knowing your experience in these matters, and your constant readiness to oblige, might I request that after your return you would some day make the necessary investigations, and if unsuccessful in this instance, be afterwards on the outlook for this same precious Sendung [consignment]? It would give us real pleasure to receive it in Dumfriesshire, and not the less that we owed it in part to your goodness. The Servant remains here, and knows our address.

With best regards from Mrs C. I remain always,

My Dear Sir, / Very truly Your's, /

Thomas Carlyle—