January 1829-September 1831

The Collected Letters, Volume 5


TC TO SAMUEL AITKEN; 24 August 1830; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18300824-TC-SAI-01; CL 5:150-151.


Craigenputtoch, Dumfries, / 24th August, 1830—

My Dear Sir,

I received your two Parcels duly, and have again to thank you for the trouble you took on that occasion.

Along with this comes such a multiplicity of packages as I fear will put your good nature to the test, I will send you a list of them:

1. Macvey Napier Esqr, Signet-Library; a heavy parcel of Books.

2. Mr Tait, Bookseller (William, at the end of the Mound).

3. Henry Inglis Esqr W.S. [46] Queen-street1 (what number I always forget, but the Directory will easily show).

4. John Gordon Esqr 84 Gt King-street.

5. S. Aitken Esqr Bank-street (No I)—that is for yourself; and contains the five Magazines you sent me long ago, and for which I am really much obliged to you. That Colbourns Magazine seems to me greatly the best published in these Islands at present:2 if you can send me another stock, along with some Book-parcel, I shall take it very thankfully; however, I scarcely deserve such a favour, these have been kept so long.

6. S. Aitken Esqr (No. II)—which also is for yourself to open and dispose of; and comes with innumerable Compliments from the Lady, and Regrets—that Game is so exceedingly scarce on the Moors this summer, whereby she is forced to content herself with such a fraction.3


These are all my Commissions for this once! If any parcels are left for me, I hope you will continue to take charge of them as you have done of late, to my great convenience: unless there is special notice of despatch on the parcel, you can forward them under one cover monthly. In return, I will—spare you all expression of Thanks on my part, which, I know, are things you do not like.

Mrs C. joins with me in best regards. Remember us kindly to Miss Stoddart and Mr Bradfute, and believe me always,

My Dear Sir, / Faithfully Your's, /

Thomas Carlyle—

P. S. I have forgot one Parcel, Charles Oliphant Esq W. S Edinr4 (in what street I cannot even guess: but the Packet is some sort of Agricultural Diploma from Germany, and that may give your Porter a clue, if indeed there are two Charles Oliphants in the Directory, which is not likely).

If your Porter can take over Mr Napier's parcel, the rest would pay themselves.