October 1831-September 1833

The Collected Letters, Volume 6


CHRONOLOGY; 1977; DOI: 10.1215/ed-06-chronology; CL 6: firstpage-06-xvi-lastpage-06-xvi


October 1831–September 1833


1 October. Jane Carlyle arrives in London. John Carlyle leaves for France (and later Italy) as travelling physician to Lady Clare.

October. “German Literature of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries” published in the Foreign Quarterly Review.

December. “Characteristics” published in the Edinburgh Review. William Tait proposes a radical magazine to be edited by Carlyle.


Spring. In London until 24 March.

January. Dionysius Lardner proposes a history of German literature, later cancelled.

3 January. Edward Strachey dies.

22 January. Carlyle's father dies. Carlyle writes his reminiscences of him, finishing on the 29th.

February. Maclise's sketch of Carlyle drawn. Meetings with Saint-Simonians. Beginning of friendship with Leigh Hunt.

22 March. Goethe dies. Carlyle writes “Death of Goethe,” “Goethe's Works,” and does several minor translations.

April. “Biography” published in Fraser's Magazine.

May. “Boswell's Life of Johnson” published in Fraser's Magazine.

July. “Corn-Law Rhymes,” Carlyle's last contribution to the Edinburgh Review.

15 September. Carlyle called for jury-service.

October. Cholera rages in Dumfries. “The Tale, by Goethe” published in Fraser's Magazine.


7 January. The Carlyles go to Edinburgh, where Carlyle works in the Advocates' Library, meets old friends, and draws unfavorable comparisons with London.

April. “Diderot” published in the Foreign Quarterly Review.

9 May. The Carlyles leave Edinburgh. Sartor offered to Fraser for serialization.

July–August. “Count Cagliostro” published in Fraser's Magazine.

Summer. Family interchange of visits continues.

25–26 August. Emerson visits Craigenputtoch.

September. Carlyle is offered the use of the nearby Barjarg library.