October 1831-September 1833

The Collected Letters, Volume 6


TC TO SAMUEL AITKEN; 8 August 1832; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18320808-TC-SAI-01; CL 6:e2.


Craigenputtoch, Dumfries, / 8th August, 1832.

My Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your sheaf of Magazines; which I have devoured with eagerness; and now return, having a free opportunity. When another Mass has accumulated, I hope you will not forget me.

Is it you that publish the Metropolitan?1 It also would be welcome in that case; not otherwise.

I have a considerable longing to see two Books of Mr Babbage's writing; one of them almost a new one. They are called (I think) The Economy of Machinery, and The Economy of Manufactures;2 or some such thing. Can you help me? If not, do not mind.

Lardner's Cyclopedia History of Spain3 were also new to me.


I have a Manuscript Book of my own here4 (tho' this is a sort of secret); which I have some thoughts of making a printed one of, in winter,—at my own cost and venture: I mean to ask you some questions about it; and doubt not you will make your light to shine on me.5 Book-publishing is in a strange state at this moment.

Mrs C. is getting better and better, and salutes you kindly. Our best regards at George's Square.6— Always faithfully,

T. Carlyle—

What is the Bishop7 doing? My friendly remembrances to him. I have a large Packet of his Books here,—which [has] lain wrapt up ready for sending this twelvemonth? They will probably pass thro' your hands som[etime] soon.