October 1831-September 1833

The Collected Letters, Volume 6


JWC TO SUSAN HUNTER; 28 March 1833; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18330300-JWC-SS-01; CL 6:358.


[? Late March 1833]

My dear Miss Hunter

Here is a note for your friend,1 which I beg of you to deliver for me; as I do not know his address—

I wish we had been at home yesterday when you called, for you always do me good. I do not know how I should like you as an adversary; but bringing, as you do, so much vehemence and clearsightedness to the right side of most questions (that is to say to my side) I feel strongly disposed, in true German style, to “swear everlasting friendship”—with you.

I hope Mr Jeffrey's2 cold and your Sister's toothach[e] are better, and that they will come with you tomorrow evening. Do use your influence to persuade. My Mother also is a chessplayer; and moreover is anxious to see Mr Jeffrey whom I have engaged that SHE will like better than the Advocate. For me, of course it would be a shame did I not remain true to my first Love.3 A pleasant dance to you! and a good sleep after—

Affectionately yours /

Jane W Carlyle

My little Cousin[']s head4 is so full of her glorious prospects this evening that I do not believe she remembers such a creature as an african slave exists.