October 1833-December 1834

The Collected Letters, Volume 7


CHRONOLOGY; 1977; DOI: 10.1215/ed-07-chronology; CL 7: firstpage-07-xv-lastpage-07-xv


October 1833–December 1834

1833 NovemberDecember. First installments of Sartor Resartus appear in Fraser's Magazine.

1834 February. The Carlyles decide to move to London.

Winter. Jeffrey declines to recommend Carlyle for either the chair of practical astronomy or that of rhetoric and English literature at Edinburgh.

13 May. Carlyle arrives in London, looks at houses and sees many old friends. On 19 May he finds 5 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, but postpones a final decision until Jane has seen it. By 22 May Craigenputtoch is let, and Jane is preparing for her journey.

4 June. Jane arrives in London, and the Carlyles move into their new home on 10 June. Fraser makes a definite commitment to publish a work on the French Revolution, and Carlyle sets seriously to work.

August. Last installment of Sartor appears in Fraser's: the reception is generally poor. Carlyle arranges for a small edition of 58 copies, sewn together from the magazine parts, to distribute to friends.

Autumn. Carlyle firmly at work on the first volume of The French Revolution. The Carlyles renew old friendships and form many new ones.

7 December. Edward Irving dies.