October 1833-December 1834

The Collected Letters, Volume 7


TC TO JOHN M'KIE; 11 March 1834; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18340311-TC-JMK-01; CL 7:113.


Craigenputtoch, 11th March, 1834.

Dear Sir,

Here are two boxes of old Books, which still do not exhaust my stock: if you can change them for me into money they will be much more easily carried in that latter shape. Most of them are of very small value, and I have left you to dispose of these according to your own judgment and opportunity: a few I have marked as more notable, or hypothetically worth a Price, which is in general some thirty per cent. less than I bought them at in the same secondhand condition. You must do the best you can: I shall see you again in a week or two.

An Invoice is inclosed, which (tho' wrongly ordered in the copying) will if you attend to my marginal directions give you the Books somewhat in their actual order and position from top to bottom of the Boxes. I keep the original of it here.1

The little Box is not my own: as there are but a small number of Books in it, perhaps you could get it emptied, and returned tomorrow by this same cart. But at any rate there will be other opportunities. Only do not lose that Box, for it suits a special purpose here.

I remain (in great haste) / Yours Truly,

T. Carlyle