October 1833-December 1834

The Collected Letters, Volume 7


TC TO SARAH AUSTIN; 3 July 1834; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18340703-TC-SA-01; CL 7:229.


Thursday Morning [3 July 1834]

My dear Mrs Austin,

I am very unfortunate. I was taken ill yesterday: a very severe fit (of a liver concern); worse than any I can recollect for the last ten years. This morning I am better again; yet still far from well, and must sit, some four-and-twenty hours, all wrapt in flannel fleeces, and as weak, in body and mind, as the Magpie you admired when I saw you last.

Will you give Dr. Julius1 my address; and say that I shall be very particularly disappointed if I do not see him soon. Tell him we breakfast at eight, and if he is the man for an early walk, a welcome here awaits him at the end of it.

My wife dares not venture out alone; sends you her love and regrets.

always your's /

T. Carlyle.