January 1835-June 1836

The Collected Letters, Volume 8


TC TO JOHN STUART MILL; 2 February 1835; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18350202-TC-JSM-01; CL 8:29.


Chelsea, Monday Night [2 February 1835]—

My Dear Mill,

Here is poor Ishmael1 Hunt, of whom I spoke: the news that you had work for him was like a reprieve from Death.

As I find he is totally without cash at this moment, I have promised that you will pay him five shillings in advance; I said too that the longer he could make this serve him, both you and I would think the more of him. The rate he seems to say is “a penny for 72 words”; but he will be thankful for any rate. It will perhaps be kindest to him that you do not pay him more than what is strictly earned. As he has all the virtues to acquire, the one most within his reach, and most important for him were probably Thrift. How singular if this copying of your Manuscript should be the beginning of salvation for a living man! Alas, it is too dubious: ich stehe für Nichts [I cannot guarantee anything].

Do not forget Thursday Night, and the Education of the world.

Yours ever /

T. Carlyle