July 1836-December 1837

The Collected Letters, Volume 9


CHRONOLOGY ; 1981; DOI: 10.1215/ed-09-chronology; CL 9: firstpage-09-xv-lastpage-09-xvi


July 1836–December 1837

1836 July. Jane goes to Scotland to escape the heat, travelling from Manchester to Liverpool for the first time by train. Carlyle begins the third volume of The French Revolution. Visits Mill's country cottage in Mickleham.

August. Mill begins travels on continent with Harriet Taylor; Sterling leaves to winter in France. John Carlyle returns to Italy with Lady Clare.

September. Jane returns from an unsatisfactory visit.

October. Carlyle hears from Emerson that “the 500 copies of Sartor are all sold in America.” Sits for portrait by Lewis of Dumfries.

November. Harriet Martineau pleases Jane and Thomas on a visit to Cheyne Row. John sets up medical practice in Rome until April 1837.

November–December. They begin friendship with Hensleigh and Frances Wedgwood.

1837 January. Finishes writing The French Revolution. “Memoirs of Mirabeau” appears in London and Westminster Review. “Diamond Necklace” published in January and February issues of Fraser's Magazine.

February. Hears of second edition of Sartor, of 1,000 copies, in Boston. Jane has influenza.

January–April. The French Revolution at two printers; Carlyle at work on proofs.

February–March. Arrangements for Carlyle's lectures undertaken by Jane Wilson, Harriet Martineau, and Henry Taylor.

March. Carlyle enquires about emigration for Alexander from John Greig of Canandaigua, N.Y.

April. “Histoire Parliamentaire” appears in London and Westminster Review. Jane's mother comes to nurse her after her third attack of flu.

May. Carlyle's first series of lectures (on German Literature and never published). The French Revolution, 3 vols., published by James Fraser.

June. Death of William IV, succeeded by Victoria. Ann Cook dismissed. Carlyle goes to Scotland.

July. Jane and Mrs. Welsh attend Pepoli's benefit concert. John Sterling in London. Mrs. Welsh returns to Templand.

July–August–September. The French Revolution reviewed by Mill, Thackeray, Forster.

August. Jane goes on a tour for a month with the elder Sterlings.

September. Carlyle returns to London, leaving his mother in Manchester with Janet Hanning.

October. Publisher Fraser says The French Revolution is “doing well.” Actor William Macready sends a free ticket for his season at Covent Garden. Alexander opens a shop at Ecclefechan. Sterling goes to Madeira. Carlyle offers to write regularly for a year for Mill's London and Westminster Review.

November–December. Writes “Scott” for London and Westminster Review, but Mill cannot pay Carlyle for regular contributions.

December. Looks to further lecturing for next year's livelihood. Fraser proposes reprinting Sartor and review articles. Helen Mitchell from Kirkcaldy begins as servant.